Couples Psychotherapy

I work interactively with couples to identify their problems in communicating with each other, to understand common issues that appear in the life of any marriage or deeply intimate relationship, and to enhance intimacy and sexual creativity.

I have experience with heterosexual, gay and lesbian relationships. I also provide briefer strategic therapy for both pre-marital couples and newlyweds. I enjoy and have worked with more traditional couples as well as alternative families.

I hope to help you get “unstuck” in the repetition of the same old arguments, the same frustrations, and the ways in which you either keep hurting each other, or the ways you want to improve what you have already created. I have experience in working with people about having children or adopting, planning financial futures together, enhancing and defining their sex lives, dealing with family and in-laws, ways to enhance parenting, and anxieties that arise around ways in which you are not ‘in step’ with each other’s plans, dreams, professional goals or geographical considerations.