I am Dr. Drew Tillotson, a licensed Clinical Psychologist in full-time private practice with over 25 years of experience. My office is located in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. I work with adults in both individual therapy and couples work. Specializing in sex addiction therapy in San Francisco.

Increased stress and anxiety, depression, insecurities about being emotionally and sexually intimate with others, professional and career pressure, physical illness, loss of loved ones, aging, race and identity in a predominantly white culture, and coming to terms with sexual identities are common problems that can begin to be understood and processed in the context of psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.

Many people come to a point where thinking about their problems alone or talking with family and friends has not helped them move forward. Some have shame about seeking help or a sense of weakness for doing so. They may feel being in therapy carries a stigma. Some have problems so private they will not share them with friends or family, contributing to loneliness and a sense that those around them really don’t see them or know how much they struggle. They can perhaps identify problematic, repetitive patterns on their own but have not been able to truly understand their reactions and moods. They have a hard time seeing their own blind spots.

We all have blind spots and confusion at times. When these become overwhelming, repetitive, or destructive – when you keep ‘shooting yourself in the foot,’ seeking help from a trained professional can bring enormous relief. It can mean the difference between feeling stuck and moving forward with clarity and a sense of hope without feeling shamed for having universal human struggles.

I work with many issues intrinsic to adult life and have extensive experience with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Romantic relationships and intimacy
  • Problematic sexual behaviors (i.e. sex addiction therapy, excessive porn use, sexual website addictions, turning to prostitutes, impulsive and compulsive addictive sexual behaviors)
  • Work-related problems (i.e. tensions with Superiors and Co-workers)
  • Mid-life transitions
  • Problems relating to Family: Parents, Siblings and Children
  • Parenting stressors
  • Relocation stress –moving or relocating from another city, country and continent

I also have expertise in working with:

  • Technology professionals
  • High-pressure career professionals in Finance, Law, Business, Medicine
  • Health related concerns – chronic illness such as cancer and HIV
  • Asian Americans
  • Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual issues
  • Creative artists
  • Executive authority and significant responsibilities managing others

As you explore my website, I explain my approach to this kind of work and expand on my professional experience.

I hope you find this space helpful.

Sex Addiction Therapy San Francisco Lower Pacific Heights, Drew Tillotson, PsyD., Psychologist, Therapist and counseling
Sex Addiction Therapy San Francisco Lower Pacific Heights, Drew Tillotson, PsyD., Psychologist, Therapist and counseling